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Have you ever found yourself stopped at that "forever" traffic light? Or worse yet, stuck by that slow-motion coal train?. Probably so, most of us have. That in it's self is bad enough, but just about the time the traffic is finally going to start to move... you hear it, the sound of an Emergency Vehicle siren getting louder and louder.

What's your first thought then? Is it something along the lines of "oh, just great" because you know you're going to be sitting there for a few more minutes. My first thought was something like that, maybe a bit more colorful, but the same general feeling of "crap" stuck here longer.

That's when I started thinking about the concept of Got a Minute. How often we give those minutes away freely for no particularly good reason. Sometimes just to look at some useless u tube video. While I was sitting there at that forever light waiting for the Ambulance to go through, I thought what if someone came up to me while I was sitting here and asked "do you have a minute to help... my child is hurt"

I believe most people wouldn't hesitate for a moment to take time out to help. Well when that Emergency Vehicle is responding, the chances are quite good that someone, or someone's loved one, is in need of help. Let's all give that minute for a good reason by doing all we can to help that Emergency Vehicle get through. Sit and wait, pull over, do safely, whatever it takes to help someone else get the help they need for themselves or their loved ones.

Application Developer, MacroLogic, Inc.

If you have something to say that you think deserves a minute, send it to and it may wind up here.

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